Transform and rebuild lives with your support!

Your generosity can make a real difference in the lives of those we serve. By donating to our cause, you help us continue to provide vital services and support to those in need. Whether it is helping families during a mental health or substance use crisis, providing support to children in camps and assistance to schools, or simply offering a helping hand to those who are struggling with homelessness or finding employment, your donation will positively impact someone’s life today!

Here’s why your donation matters

  1. Impact – Every contribution positively impacts and supports our programs that cater to meet the needs of children, adults, older adults, veterans and homeless individuals.
  2. Community – By donating to Greater Nashua Mental Health, you become part of a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for helping individuals who live with severe or persistent mental illness.
  3. Sustainability – Your donation helps ensure the sustainability and growth of our efforts, allowing us to reach more people and make a lasting impact.
  4. Empowerment – Your generosity empowers us to take meaningful action and create positive change in the world, which in turn helps in reducing barriers to accessible and equitable care and advocacy for our most vulnerable populations.

Donate By Check

Mail your check donation directly to our administrative office:

Attn: Development Greater Nashua Mental Health  
100 West Pearl Street  
Nashua, NH 03060   

Leave a Legacy that will impact future generations through a will or bequest

You can make a life insurance gift by naming GNMH as a beneficiary of a policy or in your will.


Through a specific, residual, perpetual, or contingent bequest.

Donate stock to our charity

Your charitable dollars can make an immense impact in the long-term care of our patients and their families when you donate appreciated securities. Fill out the form below or let us know how we can help.

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