COVID-19: Important Agency Updates

Hours Changed for Child, Adolescent & Family Services

Effective immediately until further notice, our 15 Prospect Street facility will be open Monday through Friday from 12:00 noon till 4:00 p.m.

InteGreat Health Service – Change of Location

Our InteGreat Health service at our 7 Prospect Street location is temporarily CLOSED. Please do not go without needed medical care! Please call Lamprey Health Care at (603) 883-1626 if you are experiencing respiratory symptoms or need medical care.

440 Amherst Street Facility Temporarily Closed

For the safety of our clients and staff, our 440 Amherst Street facility will be closed until further notice. Walk-In Services have been suspended. All other Adult Services will take place at 7 Prospect Street, and all Child, Adolescent & Family Services will take place at 15 Prospect Street. If you need immediate assistance, call (603) 889-6147 during daytime hours or our 24/7 Emergency line at 1-800-762-8191 after hours. For hospital discharges, please call (603) 402-1574

Modified Access to 100 West Pearl Street

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we have modified access to our Administrative Offices at 100 West Pearl Street, but we are still open for business. For deliveries or other administrative business, please ring the doorbell at the front door.

New Phone Numbers for Non-English Speakers

Spanish, Portuguese, and all non-English speakers can now call these new phone numbers to access services directly through an interpreter! Please share with your non-English speaking friends and loved ones!

Main Phone – Call 1-844-245-4458
24/7 Emergency Services – Call 1-844-245-4545

New! GNMH Website Now Available in 10 Languages

Now you can have the page you are viewing translated into your native language. Simply scroll down to the footer of the page and on the left side, select your language. It’s that easy. We are happy to welcome you to our site in the language of your choice!

Healing Starts
With “Hello”

Whatever You’re Going Through, We’re Here For You

Create a New Future

You’re the artist–this is your life and your story to tell–to add color, texture, meaning and hope. Greater Nashua Mental Health is here to help you to paint that new future by empowering people every day to lead full and productive lives.

Adults & Older Adults

We believe that each unique individual requires individualized assistance. That’s why our adult services range from programs for individuals and couples to intensive supports for individuals with severe, persistent mental illness.

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Children, Adolescents, and Families

Good mental and physical health care is important at every age. Many of today’s children and teenagers are faced with a great deal of stress in their home or school environments and, as a result, may be struggling with depression or other emotional distress.

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Homeless Outreach

For individuals who struggle with homelessness and mental illness and/or substance misuse, accessing the right behavioral health care can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve spent decades reaching out to provide all our neighbors with a broad continuum of community services.

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Services to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in New Hampshire

Help shouldn’t be limited to only what can be heard. We proudly offer mental health services to the hard of hearing and Deaf members of our community to ensure all can access the help they need.

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InteGreat Health Care Program

One Body, One Mind, One You!

The latest research has shown that by treating the whole person through the integration of mental health, substance misuse and primary care, we can achieve enhanced overall healthcare outcomes.

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“Today, only eight months later, Trevor is stable, receiving the treatment he needs, and is enrolled in college, carrying a full-time course load, and is pursuing an intensive and challenging major course of studies.”

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“…Anna related in particular to one of the supported employment specialists on the team, and that relationship kept her engaged while she was building trust in the program and the various providers.”

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“He learned about better eating habits, and greatly improved his own. As a result of his newfound fitness, Jacob has hiked several mountains, a sport he has discovered that he loves!”

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What We Do Works

As is evident from the statistics below, the need for effective mental health and substance use disorder services is great. Almost 100 years of groundbreaking ideas and state of the art programs and services means we help thousands of people live more vibrant lives every day.

20% of youth ages 13-18 live with a mental health condition.
1 in 5 adults in America experience a mental health disorder.
20.2 million adults in the US have a substance use disorder.

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We offer competitive salaries, excellent benefits, training and support. You are encouraged to help shape your own destiny in an environment that supports your talents, abilities, and hard work!

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