Services for Older Adults

Most of us feel a lot better knowing that we are not alone in our challenges. We all need to feel supported by a sense of belonging.  That’s why our Older Adults program is a great option for individuals aged 60 and older who are experiencing emotional, behavioral, family or marital difficulties.

A Program Based On Respect and Dignity

Older adults often find themselves becoming increasingly isolated. It may be that they have recently retired, family members do not live close by, friends have become ill or passed away and they themselves may have physical or emotional limitations.

As a result, many older adults are often hesitant to seek out mental health services, and many of our clients are referred by friends, relatives or physicians. Those who do come to the agency often report feeling a sense of relief that they now have someone who understands their needs, and many report that they are much less lonely since starting the program.

After a lifetime of working and giving to others, older adults deserve to enjoy their later years to the fullest extent.  We can help to make that a reality!

Our Older Adult Services: