InteGreat Health Program

One Body, One Mind, One You!

We have joined together with Lamprey Health Care to offer you our collaborative health care program, InteGreat Health!

Designed to make primary health care and behavioral health services more accessible to our clients, the InteGreat Health program is dedicated to delivering the best health outcomes for patients with multiple healthcare needs.  

By integrating primary care, mental health and substance use disorder services, we have made being healthy even more convenient.

Our Program Has Expanded!

We are excited to announce that in addition to providing integrated health care services to adults, we are now able to offer our InteGreat Health services to clients ages 16 and up!  We have some special new programs and incentives that are designed to get our younger clients (between the ages of 16 and 35) thinking about “whole person” health!  Clients can earn cash and receive a free gym membership to help them get more exercise, lose weight and quit smoking, so they can develop healthy lifestyle habits now and into the future.

To Make An Appointment:

Call (603) 402-1501 and tell the representative who answers that you want to book an appointment at InteGreat Health.

How It Works

Greater Nashua Mental Health Center clients will now be able to schedule an appointment to receive primary health care services right in our building at 7 Prospect Street, where many of our behavioral and substance use disorder services are already being delivered.  

Our patients  will enjoy the combined benefits of:

  • Mental health counseling and community support services
  • Primary health care and screening tests
  • Substance use disorder treatment services
  • Chronic disease care, like asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Programs to quit smoking, improve eating habits and lose weight

Good Health Includes Both Mind and Body

InteGreat Health is our commitment to treating both the mind and the body, making it easier to receive care and helping you achieve your best possible “whole person” health!

To learn more, ask your GNMH provider, or call (603) 402-1501.